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S4 coaches have a unique opportunity to get a very rewarding and fun experience while also influencing the development of elementary school children through mentoring and leadership. All while getting paid!


S4 After School classes and Sumer Camps run the full gamut of athletes. Some S4 athletes are naturally skilled and project to have long sports careers while many of our athletes’ first, and sometimes only, competitive sports experience comes in our program. Coaches will get the chance to work with all types of athletes and have the ability teach each of them the lessons that can only be learned in a competitive sports environment. 




S4 coaches must have organizational skills, leadership skills, and an ability to communicate effectively (especially with children). You will be put in situations where you are working directly with young athletes to get real time feedback on teaching/coaching mechanics and how to adapt styles effectively to each athlete. 


You will be required to set up and operate various sports drills and games. There is a 1:14 coach to athlete ratio cap. There are times in which you may be the only adult within a matter of 100+ yds for a given period of time. It’s important that coaches understand the responsibilities involved in such scenarios. 



- Must be at least 18 years of age

- Must have sports experience (coach or player)

- Must complete state background check

- Must have reliable transportation


After completing application below, email Please list School, Internship Program (major/minor), and professor's name. 


Thanks for submitting!

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