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J.T. Williamson

Head Coach/Owner

J.T. Williamson is the owner and head coach of the S4 Sports Academy.  He is a graduate of Auburn University, where he received a B.A. in Sociology.


J.T. was born and raised in Orlando, FL. From an early age he knew that he was an athlete to his absolute core.  A warm weather climate afforded him that ability to play multiple sports through the 4 seasons of the year.  Whether it was baseball in the Spring/Summer, football in the Fall, or basketball in the Winter, he always had a ball in his hand.  


After a 4 year college baseball career that ended at Auburn University, J.T. realized that sports had to continue to be a part of his life.  He was very lucky to be able to train in a top notch Strength & Conditioning facility, as well as be exposed to some of the best coaches and training philosiphies in the country during his time in college.  In 2009, he launched his fitness/athletic coaching career. 


In 2011, J.T. opened his first training facility in Jacksonville, Fl. (River City Athletics).  At RCA he coached athletes and non-athletes of all ages.  Over time he found that he had a real passion for coaching young athletes.  In January of 2015, the S4 Sports Academy was born.


J.T. has also been heavily involved in the Youth Sports scene in Jacksonville for quite a few years.  In 2012 he took on a volunteer role with Venetia Athletic Club, a youth tackle football league.  By 2014 he had worked his way up to a director position, and in 2015 he assumed the role of president.  In 2015 he was also named executive director of the Riverside Presbyterian Church Basketball league.  RPCB has been in existence since the year 2000 and has over 500 players registered annually.  


J.T.'s true passion is seeing young athletes improve and develop.  He believes that the focus should be on long term progression and not instant performance results.  Athletes in his program range from young children who have no experience, or even interest in sports, to high school students who have gone on to accept athletic college scholarships.  


J.T.'s ultimate goal is to get youth sports and youth sports training back to what it was when he was a kid (in the 80's-90's).  Back when it was only about one thing...having FUN!

Miss Boogers


Age: A lady never tells

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Experience: 7 years or 49 in dog years

Likes: Sleeping, Eating, Fans Blowing on Me, Kids Petting Me

Dislikes: Walks, Being Outside When It's Over 75°, Any Kind of Ball Whatsoever


Miss Boogers is a veteran gym dog and Head of Security at the S4 Sports Academy.  You can see her in action (or inaction) at our Riverside facility most days of the week.  She's been a vital part of S4's staff since it's inception.  

She tends to take a more hands off approach to her security duties but she's committed to the job and is always looking to meet new people, especially KIDS!

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