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Are you looking for an outdoor party idea that’s unique, dynamic and anything but typical? Treat your birthday boy or girl to a Baseball or Football birthday with S4!


We’ll help you create a fun experience that will be remembered by all—complete with S4 professionals to direct and referee the big day! 


Games and drills can be customized to your child’s liking with some awesome suggestions from S4 Coaches.

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We will supply 2 coaches to run your party (3 for parties of 13 kids or more). 


Create the perfect sports party, in a park, field or very large backyard! 


Up to 12 Kids


13-18 Kids



  • One hour of fun, supervised activity

  • Special gift for the birthday boy/girl—an official S4 T Shirt

  • Two coaches per party (3 for 13 children and above)

  • Baseball or football themed games designed to play in a large outdoor setting


1. Please book party at least 3 Weeks (21 days) in advance of party date. 

2. Parents are responsible for securing all necessary field permits ahead of time.

*S4 will offer assistance in this area if needed*

3. To book a date please email info@s4sportsacademy.com with the following info: 


- Email Title: "S4 Birthday Party - (DATE OF PARTY)

- Number of intended guests

- Baseball or Football Theme

- Location (park, field, house, etc.)

- General age of participants 

- Shirt size of birthday boy/girl