The S4 Philosophy

We pick up where traditional Physical Education ends to encourage fun, team camaraderie, performance skills and a lifelong love of sports for boys and girls! 

Hectic schedules, technology overload, suburban sprawl and many other factors mean that there is no guarantee your child will have the chance to get out and experience the fun of sports—much less excel at them.  Many school-based physical education programs barely scratch the surface and youth sports leagues become more competitive every single year. If your child doesn’t display athletic prowess at a young age, it can be tempting to give up and move on to other things. 

S4 Sports Academy was founded on the belief that every child should experience the joys, disappointments, challenges and victories of being in the game!  Natural ability and talent is wonderful, but learning to identify strengths and work through weaknesses is an essential part of athletics (and life)—the cornerstone of a growth mindset that leads to success in so many areas of life.

S4 Sports Academy Offers a Four-Stage Approach to Youth Athletic Development. The Program Grows with Your Child! 

Gone are the days when neighborhood kids simply walk outside, join a ragtag team and play together.  But rather than lament what we can’t change, we’ve created a program that fits the climate of today’s youth culture—one that  teaches various sports skills (football, baseball, basketball, etc.) while encouraging fun and inspiring improvement.  Kids may begin with us in grade school and have the opportunity to build skills, improve fitness and increase performance through Middle School and High School—all in a fun, safe environment!

Stage 1 (S1) - Learn the basics while playing with peers of all skill levels.

First, second and third graders learn soccer, baseball, football and basketball basics.  Everyone must start somewhere and at this level, we focus on fun, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Teammates in this part of the program are picked up at school and brought to the gym for a chance to learn and be active. Everyone plays regardless of talent or athleticism.

Stage 2 (S2) - Continue to play while challenging fitness at an age-appropriate pace. 

Designed for fourth and fifth graders, S2 continues to build on S1 by teaching the finer points of each game and providing ample playing time for all participants. We also begin to introduce more challenging calisthenics such as pushups, sit-ups and agility training, but still with a focus on individual fitness, health and fun. 

Stage 3 (S3) - Get stronger, faster and more focused alongside teammates and friends. 

Again, building on the previous two stages, S3 provides a place for middle schoolers (6th, 7th, and 8th graders) to begin identifying their owns strengths, as well as areas they’d like to improve. We introduce the fundamentals of performance training and help students begin to focus more on the sports they’re best suited for if they haven’t already. 

Stage 4 (S4) - Maximize individual performance and fitness for success in High School sports and beyond. 

By now, your athlete has made huge strides and has picked their sport(s) of choice!  Our goal in S4 is to give them the tools necessary to weather peaks and valleys in performance and gain a competitive edge through high school and beyond. We offer full-fledged performance training, workouts, traditional strength and conditioning—all focused on specific sports of choice.