S4 After School is an after school sports program designed to serve elementary school aged boys and girls in areas such as: self-esteem, focus, social awareness, and cooperation. The focus of the program includes, but is not limited to, the “Big 4” sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer.


S4 After School exposes student-athletes to various drills and games to learn the fundamentals of sports skills and accounts for all levels of ability and experience of participants.

S4 After School is offered on school campuses as part of each school's after school enrichment programs.


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S4 Sports Camps offer a fantastic day camp experience for elementary school students (K-5).  Campers will participate in multiple sports and competitions (football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc.) while receiving instruction on various athletic skills such as agility, balance, and coordination, all while HAVING FUN in an awesome camp setting!

S4 Sports Camp offerings and dates vary by location so be sure to check your area for specific details.


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I have had 3 kids of various ages attend S4 After School and S4 Summer Camps. They all have a blast! While my kids are in multiple sports, this is a great outlet for them to have fun without having to worry about the score. I LOVE that for them!

Kayla V. 

1st & 3rd Grade Mom

Darcy G. 

Our daughter always has a blast at S4, both at camp and after-school. S4 is so creative with their different games and competitions. S4 is a great way for kids to run around and learn about different sports  in a safe encouraging environment. 

3rd Grade Mom

Lisa L.

2nd Grade Mom

Our family loves S4!  My son began last year and it has been an amazing experience for him.  He began at a very novice level with sports and with the help of the S4 team, my son has just blossomed.  He’s gained confidence in his abilities and I feel like he’s improved so much since that first day.